SARS Registration services johannesburg


  • Book Keeping Monthly Fee (Large, Medium, Micro and Small Business)
  • Financial Statement Compiling (Private and Public Companies, co-operatives / Close Corporations)

Other Services we offer

  • Auditing (Forensic) (Calculated on Assignment) Basic charge
  • Auditing (Normal) (calculated on Assignment) Basic charge
  • Business Plans including Financial Forecasts 1- 5years
  • Business Plans submitted for finance
  • Business Profiles
  • Registration of NGOs including Constitution
  • Registration of Non Profit Organisations including Constitution
trusts registration
  • Trust (Drafting & Trust Registration)

SARS Compilation and Submission

  • PAYE, UIF & SDL, VAT Returns (per cycle)
  • Vat Returns(per cycle)

SARS registrations

  • Business for PAYE, SDL, TAX, UIF
  •  Individual for Tax

SARS submission of Tax Returns

  • Companies (Per Tax Year)
  • Councillors (Including Log Sheets & POE)(Per Tax Year)
  • Individual (Per Tax Year)
  • SARS Tax Clearance Certificate
creadit beureau services johannesburg

Credit Bureau

  •  Administration Order
  • Debt Review
  • Default & Adverse Reports (Per Report)
  • Individual Report
  • Judgement (Paid Up)
  • Judgement (Unpaid) – Calculated on Court Applicable
credit administration SA

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